Brown Glove- Back in the Family again (!?)

It is no surprise to the “powers that be” that I am writing this blog or that you are, at this very exact minute and in the very place you are– reading this blog. They are events that have been in the making for millions of years.
So what does this have to do with my ex-van/secret mistress Brown Glove? In my bent mind, one thing led to another…
It was a normal day on the island (“normal” and “island” in the same sentence!! Is this fiction?) Anyway, it was a day on the island, which meant that it was 75 degrees, sunny, an afternoon ocean breeze kept us cool and kept all the smog in LA, it was somewhere between noon and 1pm and Becky and I were taking our dogs on a walk. A 3 mile walk. The same 3 mile walk as the day before and the day before and the day before that. Every day, the same walk. And every day we would have to protect our dogs from the usual island hazards: rattle snakes, buffalo, hawks and Bald Eagles (one of our dogs is 5 pounds), golf carts and ATV’s and when they went for their well-deserved swim- little nasty sand and tiger sharks, harbor seals and sneaky sting-rays. Even giant ravens, the biggest I’ve ever seen, would take dives at our dogs.
Anyway, it was on one of these walks that I was telling Becky about a book that I was reading. It was a deep book, so deep that I could only read about 5 pages a day. Becky jokes that I think it was a “deep book” because there were no pictures. So… one day my 5 pages explored how everything is energy. Everything is made of atoms and molecules vibrating at different levels. The chair you are in is made of molecules, your clothes and YOU are made of molecules. Where were all those molecules and atoms before there was a chair, before there was YOU? They were and have always been around. For millions of years they have been around. So get this—in order for there to be a chair or a you, those atoms/ molecules had to be available and had to all get together to make a chair or the computer you are on, etc. These same atoms, the book says, were forged in the molecules of stars millions of years ago. And so, it says, are the events in our lives.
Now, I’ve just condensed a huge volume of deep pages into a single paragraph, so I might have missed something (ya think?) to make it make more sense, but one point the book was trying to make was, “Everything is as it should be. How do we know? Because things are as they are.” (No, I don’t smoke pot). So we get home from our walk, go to work, come home and our highly energetic Manchester Terrier has been having the time of his life shredding the very book that I was telling Becky about.
“Oh no! Your book!”, Becky exclaimed. “No worries,” I told Beck. “This event was forged in the molecules of stars millions of years ago. There’s nothing we could’ve done.”
Still you ask, “What does this have to do with Brown Glove, and how is she back in your life and why did you put us through all those nonsensical thoughts? We’re on the edge of our seats Steve! Spill it!!!”
Well, OK. After Brown Glove broke down, I wanted to fix her but I knew I would never have the time and even if I did, I’m no mechanic and the van would probably end up falling on me or at least taking all the skin off my knuckles multiple times. So I gave her to our neighbor who was retired and had the time and friends to help him. He ended up moving and for a while I thought he abandoned Brown Glove. He moved everything but the van and there she sat. I figured he probably didn’t even put it in his name and I would HAVE to take it back. But then, Brown Glove was gone. He moved it. Gone.
Two weeks later, one of our employees, Mary told me her father-in-law bought a van we used to own, an old Chevy. “Are you kiddin’ me”, I asked. Of all the people in Salem (and surrounding areas) my ex-neighbor sold it to someone we know? (Kind of). Ironic. Coincidence? Are there coincidences?, the book asks, or is everything just as it should be?
Why Brown Glove? Why are you stalking me???!!!!

For Breakfast-
Feta, Ham & Basil Omelette- with special guest appearances (bit
parts—all of them) by Fresh Ground Pepper, Kosher Salt and Fresh
Mozzarella, this is a Showtime Omelet! Served with that new punk
rocker Baby Red Potato and her side-kick 10-Grain Toast. Lights,
Camera, Knife-Fork-Spoon—-ACTION! It’s Friday Breakfast!
3.95 before 8am!
7.95 after for the conspicuous consumer.

For Lunch-
Mother Teresa, aka Becky’s Mom is gonna hit me with her pie pan for
this one on Fish Friday—-
Grilled Meatloaf Sandwich Bistro Style-
Chef Adam, the Food Angel, made meatloaf last night and as meatloaf,
fine wine and a fishing story goes, it is always better the next day.
So, heathen/ Secret Agent Chefs Steve and John plan to serve the
sandwich as their own and then listen to our table microphones
(cleverly disguised as pepper-shakers) and languish in the praise– If
not for our culinary expertise, for our clever conspiracy; although it
probably would have been easier and more neighborly to make our own
meatloaf, we wouldn’t have as good a story on the park bench 50 years
from now while feeding the pigeons.
So trust me after all this babble, the meatloaf is worth it.
It’s on Grilled Salem Sourdough from Cascade Bakery with melted
cheddar and beef steak tomatoes. AAAAAAAND, it comes with a cup of
Chef J-Rods Tomato Basil Soup–or is it a dip? With this sandwich it
will be both. Anyway, bring $7.50 with you and we’ll change some part
of your life.

Old School Tomato Basil
Clammering Chowder

Friday Night-
Culinary Angel Adam- I mean Chef Adam has plans for some fresher than
fresh Swordfish and some tropical salsa. Those are the ingredients and
I don’t know if he’ll sear it rare or levitate it to your table, or
both, but we’ll know by showtime tommorrow. One thing for sure, Chef
Adam does not disappoint. The price will be around $17.95, we recieve
delivery in the morning so the prices are not firm. It won’t be more
than $17.95 in money, only in value.

Words of the Day-
“Start living now. Stop saving the good china for that special
occasion. Stop withholding your love until that special person
materializes. Every day you are alive is a special occasion.
Every minute, every breath, is a gift from God.”
— Mary Manin

Here’s another from August 24th (Happy birthday Stef)
For Breakfast-

Bacon & Avocado Omelet-

With fresh chopped salsa. “Fresh” as in those vine-ripened beefsteak tomatoes that we’ve been clamoring about for a week. We’re going back for more tomorrow. Your omelet is served with baby red breakfast potatoes and fresh baked bread with Mother Teresa’a Strawberry Freezer Jam. $7.50 but only $3.95 before 8am.

For Lunch-

Becky’s Handcrafted Black Tiger Prawn Caesar Salad-

Becky is the salad girl today and she loves to show off with her salads. She is armed with her favorite Caesar dressing, her three cheese blend of shaved Asiago, Parmesan and Romano, Salem Sourdough croutons and a generous skewer of 5 grilled Black Tiger Prawns. Your salad comes with a cup of soup and toasted Sunflower Seed Bread. $7.95

For “Seafood Mondays” Dinner-

Wild Coho Salmon Oscar-

One of my favorite combinations– Coho Salmon topped with snow crab, fresh asparagus and hollandaise sauce. Served with soup or salad, fresh vegetable and whatever delicious rice Chef Dave makes. $14.95


Clam Chowder

Asparagus Bisque with Pancetta

Dear Ann Landers,

I know you’re dead now, but still, I have to ask, “Will people think I’m weird if I eat all three meals at the same restaurant?”

Signed–Confused in Paradise

Dear Confused-

As long as the three meals are all fresh, delicious and served in an old green house on 17th street. Otherwise, word of mouth will get around and “yes”, people will think you’re weird.

Words of the Day-

“I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.”

Stephen William Hawking, British Theoretical Physicist

Fun Facts-

1) What is unique about the Oregon state flag? Oregon’s state flag pictures a beaver on its reverse side. It is the only state flag to carry two separate designs.

2) Mother Teresa, Mother of Becky (and wonderful mother of 11 children) plus Mother of our freezer jam, gives every cent (that we have to force upon her) for making our jam— to charity. And she’ll think I’m weird for writing this BUT— I eat three meals a day in an old green house on 17th Street, so I’m immune from weird.

“Hey-It’s-Spring-And-I-Gotta-Look-Good-In-My-Speedo” Breakfast- Fresh fruit (Pineapple, banana, strawberries, cantaloupe), low-fat vanilla yogurt, and
crunchy granola. $5.95 If you’re nursing a hangover, we can put gravy in your granola.

I remember when we first opened we were pretty slow because, as luck would have it, we opened on the first day of that 2 week freeze in mid-December. A lady was at the bar talking about how she liked the name “Word of Mouth”. I told her, “Yeah, but if we don’t get busy soon, we may change it to “Sign on Building” or “Ad in Newspaper.”

Dinner Specials-
Beef Wellington-
You know those dinners that make you moan with pleasure after each bite? This is one of those. But you won’t be embarrassed because someone at the next table will be doing the same thing. Tenderloin, aka Filet Mignon, cooked to your order enveloped in a tower of puff pastry, mushroom ragout and a dijon demi-glace (See Scratch & Sniff Picture attached) served with soup or salad, vegetable and potato. $19.95
(If you actually scratched and sniffed the picture on your computer screen, stay home on April 1st. Don’t answer the door. Don’t answer the phone. Protect yourself.)

On Tuesday, for a breakfast special, we ran a Chicken Fried Pork Chop & Eggs for $2.95. Oh my gosh, the response was huge and overwhelming. You guys smoked me! I ran out of pork chops in 15 minutes and then switched to Chicken Fried Steaks. But then, the whole griddle, every inch, was covered with Chicken Fried steaks as were 2 big 15″ sauté pans on the burners. There was flour all over the kitchen and all over me from my rushed efforts to feverishly bread all the steaks. Probably some people at the end, waited 20 minutes for their food. So now I wanna do this right. I am battle-ready with 40 chicken fried pork chops so let’s do this again, while they last! For Breakfast- $2.95 Chicken Fried Pork Chop & 2 Eggs served with potatoes and fresh buttermilk biscuit, while they last- Come and get me!

Helpful Hint; We have cute servers so don’t wear any green- And don’t worry- we make Steve stay in the kitchen- he’s too busy to pinch. Plus he doesn’t even know what day it is.
Soup- Clam Chowder (Steve thinks it’s Friday)
Cream of Roasted Red Pepper & Artichoke

Don’t miss Chef John’s Chicken Marsala Soup. He used all my chicken for his soup so it’s more like a meal. I scratched a couple hours off his timecard to even things up.
Clam Chowder is our other soup and it’s soooo good, Proctor & Gamble wants to make a toothpaste with our clam chowder flavor.

For Breakfast-
Steak & Mushroom Scramble-
Sauteed top sirloin and flatiron steak pieces, mushrooms and three scrambled eggs topped with melted provolone. Served with potatoes and toast. $6.95– only $2.95 before 8am. (I still laugh when I think back to when we first started doing the Early Bird Special. It just happened to be on my sister Susan’s vacation. She walked into the restaurant, hair all mussed, makeup askew and half-jokingly half-yelled, “Who’s the marketing genius who got me up at 7am on my vacation?”)

Ash Wednesday Lunch Special-
Mahi Mahi Fish & Chips- Talk about moist, this fish is the best. We coat it in Japanese Breadcrumbs too instead of that tempura stuff that you peel off and leave on your plate (the owner does his share of the dishes and sees all this). So, the Mahi Mahi is moist, not with greasy tempura batter that lots of restaurants use to make the fish look bigger, and we give you coleslaw and fries. $6.95 YKM? That’s “You kiddin’ me” in text lingo– said with a Jersy accent of course!

For Breakfast:
It’s a bird- it’s a plane– it’s a Flyin’ Biscuit!!! They fly outa here too. Known as Reggie’s Deluxe in Portland, it has people lined up out the door and down the street at a restaurant called Pine State. It’s a tower, a TOWER I’m tellin ya, of fresh baked buttermilk biscuit, Southern fried chicken breast, over-hard egg, bacon, cheese and incredible sausage gravy. $6.50 but only $2.95 before 8am!

Unfortunately every free minute Steve has had, has been sleeping, not blogging- but I thought I would post a few of his typical blurbs from the daily email.. Those of you that know Steve know that he has quite the sense of humor.

Thankyou for all the business. See you soon at WOM. Becky and Sleeping Steve.

So, this weekend Becky will be making up Bloody Mary’s and Mimosa’s. Will keep you all updated to when we have our full bar, and the exact night we start opening in the PM. Sorry no blogs in a long time, business has been hopping- and more help is starting soon, so expect the blogging to resume soon.

Well, the restaurant has taken off, thanks to all the good “word of mouth”…. thankyou, thankyou, the greatest customers and neighbors ever! I’m supposed to get the fireplace fixed next Tuesday, so hopefully there can be “fireplace dining” soon.